About Cyprus

why choose cyprus

For the past few years, many investors are looking into investing in Cyprus since it growing exceptionally with new opportunities popping up regularly. The central position allows for easy access to all major shipping routes and excellent airline routes to all major airports, including Dubai, London, Moscow, and Athens. Cyprus’ legal and tax systems have since drawn foreign business people, corporate firms, and entrepreneurs.

-Low Tax Benefits of Cyprus
-Strategic Location for You to Invest in Cyprus
-South Cyprus is a Member of the EU
-Standardized British Legal System
-Talented & Highly Educated Workforce
-Pleasant Living and Working Environment
-Family Friendly
-High-Quality Professional Services
-Easy and Flexible Residency Schemes
-Fast Company Formation Procedure and Low Fees
-Business-Friendly Climate & Regulations
-Low-Interest Rates

-Stable & Rapidly Growing Market
-Robust, State-of-the-Art Infrastructure
-A Relaxed and Comfortable Way of Life
-One of the safest countries in the world
-One of the safest countries in the world.
-Cosmopolitan beach and mountain resort.
-A wealth of facilities and recreational activities.
-Two international airports.
-Excellent healthcare.
-High quality education.
-Low cost of living.
-Low crime rate.

Get to know cyprus

Cyprus is home to some of the finest hotels, perfect beaches, and cleanest waters to be found along the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. So impeccable is the quality of these crystal-clear waters, Cyprus has been declared the top country in Europe for bathing water cleanliness, with an outstanding 99.1% cleanliness score by the EEA report published in 2020. No wonder then that the loggerhead and green turtles choose the sandy expanses of Golden Beach and the equally impressive Alagadi Beach, on which to nest. Once hatched, the baby turtles find their feet and head for the azure seas that gently lap at these shores. The beaches of Cyprus are as stunning as the aqua seas they adorn, from the uninterrupted stretches of sand, to pebble edged enclaves and dramatic sheer cliffs. The coastline of Cyprus houses an impressive choice of desirable beach front resorts. A particularly impressive jewel in the crown of the Mediterranean.

A brief history of cyprus

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, located 65 KM south of Turkey. Smaller than Sicily or Sardinia and larger than Corsica or Crete.  Cyprus has a fascinating history and is of enormous strategic importance

cyprus island

It has a total area of 1357 square miles – roughly the size of Wales

Marking the meeting point of three continents: Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Cyprus, a former British Colony until 1960, has been divided into two separate states since 1974. This division was overseen by the UN following 11 years of unrest following the departure of the British. A boundary known as the “Green Line” runs through Nicosia, the capital of both South and North Cyprus.

The South

is called The Republic of Cyprus (Greek Cypriots).

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The North

is called the TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus).

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