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Founder & CEO

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Ann-Veronika has 25 years of experience in sales and service. Known for her expertise and charisma, she prides herself on having the highest regard for customers’ confidentiality and privacy. And is committed to serving the needs of property buyers, investors and sellers. Whether you are looking for a seafront home on the coast, the best investment or luxurious urban living, Ann-Veronika looks forward to introducing you to the communities and lifestyle of some of Cyprus’s finest neighborhood.

Speaks Norwegian and English.


Attorney Lithuania

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Ramune is Lithuanian from Vilnius, an attorney at law, having over 30 years of experience in litigation (domestic and international courts), international commercial arbitration, she has LLM in International Law (USA1993), studied also at the Edinburgh University, fluent in English and Russian, native Lithuanian, basics in Turkish and Polish. She is the one who helps others to spot and make their best and rationale decisions.
In March, 2021 she decided to change all her life completely, obtained properties on the sea coast in North Cyprus for full time living.
“When you find a place like the North Cyprus, you realize, no time to wait or hesitate, as here you get all 3L’s (location, location and location), the most important aspect of the real estate, that serve all your needs and dreams “.



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Justina will under promise and over deliver, everytime. Being more than 20 years in the financial, tourism and real estate industry, she has an educated overview on structuring and handling any request.

Although she is charming and playful in demeanor, in business she is very direct, this means she will tell you the truth, even if you do not like it. This mixed in with her experience saves her clients not just money but uneccesary challenges in the future.

Her goal is to make sure you get what you want and need so you have no second thoughts or regrets.

Speak Lithuanian, Russian and English


Business Development

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Moving or investing in a foreign country can be a challenging and perplexing decision. Hence, I will use my extensive knowledge of the market along with my professional experience in the finance and banking sectors to help you have the best possible venture as our new lifetime client.

His services include:
– Electing the most suitable options that meet your criteria.
– Guidance through the entire investment process.
– Coordinating with our experienced team of lawyers
– Offering financial advisory services free of charge.

Our clients can fluently communicate with him in English and Arabic.



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For most people, Real estate does not sound fascinating. For Gil spending the last 3 years exploring this industry it has become a passion. Cyprus is a great place to live and work, which is why Gil chose to call it home.
With roots in Lebanon, he joined our team 1 years ago and has brought a great value to our company with fluently speaking Arabic, English and French languages.
His main focus is on attracting people to our island and make sure they find their ideal home. He is definitely living his dream.
When Gil isn’t in the office or volunteering, you’ll often find him in the kitchen cooking the most delicious food or exploring the Mediterranean sea.



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Darya has been an active member in the real estate industry for 2 years now, and is so excited to be part of our team for the past year.
With a passion for service in real estate and specifically in Cyperium, Darya is ready to help with your home buying needs. As a proud member of the Cyperium family, she carries the values of hard work, integrity, and outstanding client service into everything she does.
Besides of making homeownership dreams come true for her clients, she enjoys spending time in nature and traveling. As we have clients worldwide, we have Darya who can fluently communicate with them in Russian, Greek, English, Ukrainian.

De Morris

Managing director Cyprus

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Having over a decade of international experience in real estate, tourism and being born and raised in Cyprus, Edward has an insider island view. He has extensive knowledge to enable you create what you really want.

His main goal is to help you fall in love with the beautiful island of Cyprus and everything it has to offer in order to make his home become your new home.


digital marketer

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Having first arrived at the age of 16, Manhal fell in love with Cyprus at a young age. He strongly holds that Cyprus excels on the scoreboard of all thinkable quality-of-life criteria, and he aims to apply his expertise in digital marketing to draw the world’s attention towards the beauty across the island’s shores. Manhal can communicate in  English and Arabic.



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Many years of experience in sales and business, starting from running a construction company in Great Britain and helping clients in advising the best investment, through broadly understood tourism, which helped me choose Cyprus and investments to live in as well as investment. on a daily basis, real estate assistance to people from Europe to invest or sell real estate. I love the premium market but the most important thing is working with open minded people.

Speaking polish and English