North Cyprus

Property Purchase Process in NortH Cyprus

The process of buying property in North Cyprus is quite simple, particularly due to the legal system being the same to that of the U.K.. All legal documents are in English, and there is a wide variety of reputable North Cyprus solicitors who are bilingual in English and Turkish. Once the buyer decides on the property of choice – the purchase can be completed in as little as 24 hours depending on availability of solicitor.

North Cyprus Solicitors

It is necessary when buying property in the TRNC to hire a local North Cyprus solicitor. He or she will be responsible for informing you of and providing you with all documents relating to taxes, applications, processes from the time of sale through the transfer of title deed of your property. Your Northern Cyprus solicitor will also be responsible for processing your permissions to purchase as a foreigner through the appropriate governmental offices, and will follow your applications to ensure completion. Most Northern Cyprus solicitors are accessible via email and phone to ensure constant communication during the process of buying you property when you are abroad. Hence, a property purchase can be done from abroad, with the guidance of your solicitor as Power of Attorney.

Steps to Buying Property in North Cyprus

The Guide To Buying Property In The TRNC