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Ann-Veronika has 25 years of experience in Sales and Service industry. Known for her expertise, charisma and dynamic personality; she prides herself on being a perfectionist and going above and beyond to exceed her clients expectations, whilst having the highest regard for customers’ confidentiality and privacy.

Whether you are looking for a seafront home on the coast, the ideal investment or luxurious urban living.

Ann-Veronika looks forward to introducing you to the communities and lifestyle of some of Cyprus’s finest neighborhood.

Speaks Norwegian and English.

Ramune Duleviciene

Property Consultant

Ramune is a Lithuanian, she has over 30 years of practicing attorney experience (domestic and international courts, international commercial arbitration and dispute mediation). She has an LLM Degree (Chicago, USA, 1993) and studied at the Edinburgh University (Scotland, 1996). Ramune will advise you on selection of property, will recommend the best way of acquisition or investment into real estate, especially in the North Cyprus, where she constantly lives. In March of 2021 she decided to change her life completely and acquired (on line) a house on the Sea Coast in the North Cyprus Rivjera. “When you find a place like North Cyprus, you realize there is no time or reason to hesitate: here you get the LLL type property (location location and location). It met much more than any of my expectations”.

Speaks Lithuanian, English, Russian, Polish, and Turkish.

Justina Remeikaite

property consultant

Justina will under promise and over deliver, everytime.

Being more than 20 years in the financial, tourism and real estate industry, she has an educated overview on structuring and handling any request.

Although she is charming and playful in demeanor, in business she is very direct, this means she will tell you the truth, even if you do not like it. This mixed in with her experience saves her clients not just money but unnecessary challenges in the future.

Her goal is to make sure you get what you want and need so you have no second thoughts or regrets.

Speaks Lithuanian, Russian, and English.

JŪRATĖ Radzevičiutė

Property Consultant

Jūratė is from Vilnius, Lithuania and has been in the real estate market since 2013. 

She is a responsible person who’s always striving to fulfill  her client’s needs and expectations. Jūratė has also been working for many years with the interiors of houses and apartments, the selection of furniture and lightings, and overall home furnishing. Her expertise in this domain is always cherished when its needed. 

Speaks English, Lithuanian, and Russian.


Darya Sidenko

property consultant

Meet Daria, our dynamic real estate property consultant hailing from Ukraine. With a vibrant passion for real estate and a deep connection to the Russian-speaking community, she is your dedicated guide to finding your dream property in the sun-soaked paradise of Cyprus. She understands your unique preferences and aims to make your property dreams a reality in this beautiful Mediterranean haven. 

Speaks English, Ukrainian, and Greek. 

Rafał Kaczmarek

property consultant

Many years of experience in sales and business, starting from running a construction company in Great Britain and helping clients in advising the best investment, through broadly understood tourism, which helped me choose Cyprus and investments to live in as well as investment.

On a daily basis, real estate assistance to people from Europe to invest or sell real estate. I love the premium market but the most important thing is working with open minded people.

Speaks Polish and English.


PRoperty COnsultant

Edwardo is originally from Cyprus and has also lived in and traveled to many countries giving him a broad understanding of many cultures.

Being a perfectionist, he will spend time asking you in-depth questions.  The reason why is because this is about you and your dreams, family, and ambitions.

The inspection trip, the property, the banking solutions are all tailored to your needs and desires. 

With over 20 years experience in the service and sales industry he has built several businesses through the right etiquette of providing value and top tier service to our clients. 

Gilles Hani

property consultant

Gil has spent the last 3 years exploring this industry, only to find it become his passion. He sees Cyprus as a special place to live and work, which is why he has chose to call it home for many years.

With roots in Lebanon, he joined our team a year ago and has brought great value to our company. He continues to attract people to our island and ensures they find their ideal home. 

When Gil isn’t in the office or volunteering, you’ll often find him in the kitchen cooking the most delicious food or exploring the Mediterranean sea.

Speaks Arabic, English, and French.

Calin Muresan

Property consultant

Calin is one of the most productive agents in Romania, being constantly in the first 5% of his industry in the last 3 years. Clients recommend him for being trustworthy, always going the extra-mile, under-promising but over-delivering. Calin is also a very kind, approachable  and knowledgeable person, his professional background is extensive and include fields as Sales, HR Consultancy, Training and Marketing.

Falling in love with Cyprus, he is not just passionately promoting but he is also a property owner (while residing in Romania). With Calin on your side you will get not just great advice and representation of your interests, but also the insides and tips for maximizing your investment and enjoyment of the island of Cyprus!    

Speaks fluently English, Romanian, Hungarian, and French.