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Why Choose Cyprus

When you purchase a Cypriot property , you’ll be able to enjoy reduced income tax rates, as well as exemptions on capital gains and inheritance taxes. These benefits make Cyprus an appealing destination for investment opportunities through property purchases.

Its central position provides easy access to shipping and airline routes to all major cities in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Whereas its legal and tax systems are highly attractive to foreign investments including entrepreneurs, corporate firms, and freelancers.


  1. Low Tax Benefits
  2. Booming Real Estate Economy
  3. Charming Living and Working Environment.
  4. Strategic Location
  5. EU Member (South)
  6. Exceptionally Low Crime Rates.
  7. Home to the Highest Ranked Beaches in Europe
  8. Applies British Law to Property Conveyancing.
  9. Highly Talented and Educated Workforce
  10. Excellent Health Care and Education Institutes
  11. High-Quality Professional Services
  12. Low Cost of Living
  13. Low Interest Rates.
  14. Solid Infrastructure.
  15. Perfect for Families
  16. Relaxed Living.
  17. Easy and Flexible Residency Schemes
  18. A Wealth of Recreational Activities.
  19. Two International Airports
  20. Quick, Cost-Effective to Start a Business.
  21. Agreeable Business Regulations


All along the island’s coastlines, you’ll encounter luxurious resorts nestled along some of the Mediterranean’s most exquisite beaches. The pristine quality of these crystal-clear waters has earned Cyprus the prestigious title of being the top European country for bathing water cleanliness. In a report published by the EEA in 2020, Cyprus achieved an exceptional cleanliness score of 99.1%.

It’s no surprise that loggerhead and green turtles choose the sandy shores of Golden Beach and Alagadi Beach for nesting. Cyprus’ beaches are just as breathtaking as the crystal-clear seas that surround them, offering everything from vast, unbroken stretches of sand to secluded pebble-lined coves and awe-inspiring sheer cliffs. Along the Cypriot coastline, you’ll discover a splendid selection of sought-after beachfront resorts, making it a true gem in the Mediterranean.



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Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, located 65 KM south of Turkey. Smaller than Sicily or Sardinia and larger than Corsica or Crete. Cyprus has a fascinating history and is of enormous strategic importance. 

Cyprus, a former British Colony until 1960, has been divided into two separate states since 1974. This division was overseen by the UN following 11 years of unrest following the departure of the British. A boundary known as the “Green Line” runs through Nicosia, the capital of both South and North Cyprus.


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